Latest Update From The Mineplex Team:

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some news to share with you about where we are at today. Unfortunately, we are going to have to postpone (not cancel) our holiday beta we had aimed to release this year. That being said, we’re aiming to release the Mineplex Studio  suite of developer tools this year in order to give aspiring game developers a chance to get started on their games so they can either make the beta or our full release! Releasing the Studio this way made a bit more sense logistically, especially since a major request we had was to open Studio subscriptions to developers prior to the beta release so they had more time to create games. On top of that, we want more time to polish games that are done as well as prepare to fully re-launch.

I know this isn’t the outcome everyone had hoped for. If we could snap our fingers and restore Mineplex instantly we all would, but we as a team have to deal in reality and make sure we make the right decisions for the long term health and growth of the community! That includes holding ourselves accountable, which we will do. We’re sorry we didn’t make this deadline but we are going to continue to work our hardest for you all and polish our work!
There are lots of exciting things we are going to be able to fill you all in on early next year. We’re still very confident and excited to bring the new Mineplex to life!

Thank you
The Mineplex Team 12/17/2023

Mineplex is reimagining the Minecraft multiplayer landscape to create an innovative new platform for anyone, aspiring game developer or veteran studio, to publish their own Minecraft games quicker, cheaper, and easier than ever before.

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