Latest Update From The Mineplex Team:

Hello everyone!

We wanted to wish everyone happy holidays this year and give you all an update on how things are going on our end! The Mineplex studio has been in closed alpha for several weeks now and we have brought on a small group of partners to get started early, give feedback, and help us improve the studio as we round the corner towards a public release. We’re looking to add a few more studios to the alpha who have interesting projects that we’d love to see come to life! There will be a form at the bottom of this paragraph for you to pitch us your game, tell us about your team, and tell us why you think your game should get early access!

Things on our end are progressing well, we’ve onboarded several more engineers and that number is going to increase as time goes on to make sure the studio gets to the quality we want it to be. Our integration with Stripe has been approved for payment processing and we are working on finishing up our development uplift for player purchases and studio payouts, giving developers control of how and when they receive payment!

Development teams for Super Smash Mobs Reborn, Clans, Champions, OITQ, CIVS, Microbattles, and a few more have been onboarded and development is underway. Mineplex is also taking on Housing as well as a new look on SMPs to deliver to you all at some point next year. We’re very excited for both of those projects as we are going to be able to raise the standard for quality compared to what most players are used to.

We’d also like to remind everyone that if you have a recurring subscription to the original Mineplex server to please contact your bank or credit card company to cancel it. We are not the same legal entity as the previous iteration of Mineplex and do not have any authority over fraudulent payments. As much as we would like to be able to help you, we have no power over that situation. We’ve seen some support emails asking about it but wanted to reiterate what was said in July about subscriptions.

We’ve had some exciting developments come up that we can’t share the details on yet as nothing is final, but we just wanted to share our excitement with our players and studios to give you a better understanding of where our heads are at!

To finish up, we wanted to thank everyone for being so patient with us. We know you all really care about Mineplex so we want to make sure we deliver something that’s high quality to you. None of what we are doing would be possible without you guys, we love you all and appreciate you all bearing with us! We will be keeping a very close eye on development velocity and will keep you all updated with how things progress, expect to hear from us again in the coming weeks! We are absolutely going to deliver on a closed beta as promised previously, we just want to make sure the quality is there first!

Thank you
The Mineplex Team 11/27/2023

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